Tuesday, June 1, 2010

TOILET – Best To Escape !

Tuesday, June 1, 2010 10
TOILET … a perfect place to hid even though you are reachable. I always wonder why people wanted luxurious washrooms ( I hate calling them toilets…). Well, my recent research helped me to understand the need. Aside from its actual purpose following are the add-on values of a washroom.
  • You have a lot of privacy to think , think and re-think about things. Even you have just one washroom for whole family believe me nobody will disturb you. Exceptional is there…

  • Best place to hide while playing hide and seek or if you are afraid of  daddy's anger stay there as long as daddy is at hoooome.

  • Perfect for cheating. Nobody can stop you going to a washroom even in exams. That’s against H-R (HUMAN RIGHTS)

  • If you are cautious singer, sing the song in washroom. The best place to do these  kinda private stuffs.

  • The best place to smoke even your girl-friend cant stop you going there.. Can  she?

  • Late night calls. Afraid to attend try washroom they are safe as long as you have locked it…

  • Don’t want to study go to washroom with a perfect excuse of upset stomach and you an hour free…
Oh by the way! are you too one of those people who use to see bill boards saying TOLET and a mobile number, thinking why on earth people are giving there numbers instead of telling the address of it… If you know what I mean. Well, I belong to this group who spend 14 years of life thinking that people have gone mad that they are giving numbers for washrooms… Huh! Is it poor thinking or lack of common sense or I may say DIFFERENCE OF OPINION !


- UnhingeD

P.S( These are experiences of different people no relation is there with the writer :D :P )
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