Sunday, December 28, 2008


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"Sid! tm ne calll ki thi? main bahar thi.."
"Han jani ki thi.."
"Kaho! kuch zaroori tha.."
"Naheen kuch khas naheen kiun kia hoa?"
"Woo tum kabhi call naheen kartay na isiliye main dar gai ke pata naheen kia hogaya"
"Tumahin ik baat batani thi.."
Mera dil taiz taiz dharak raha tha.. pata naheen wo kia soochay gi wo kia kahay gi.. Pata naheen kia sooochay gi
"Han to bolo? na"
Naheen main nahin keh sakta.. ussay kaise bataon ga? batana bhi to zaroori hai. Hhhhhhhh kia karon?
"heeeeeelllllllllloooo tum pagal to naheen hogaye ho kia barbara rahay ho?"
"naheen kuch naheen wo main... "
"Kia hoa hai?"
"Naheen kuch naheen tum batao bahar kahan gayeen theen ? shopping pe..?" Main ussay bolnay ke liye ik bara waseee topic de chuka tha ab usnay bolna tha or qam az qam 30 min tak meray bolnmay ka koi chance naheen tha or yehi main chahta bhi tha..

1 Ghantay baad!

"Han! ? boliye.."
"Ab sharafat se bata do kia hoa hai.." wo bhi apne naam ki ik he thi...
"Kia bataon?"
"Yehi ke tum kiun pareeshan ho?"
"Main or pareeshan naheen to, main to naheen hon" Main ne talaya..
"Sid! bakwas band kardo or shuru hojao 1..2...3"
"Ik to yar tum (hehehehehehe) tum mujhe aise kehti ho jaise main ne kisi race main hisa lena hai 1..2...3 Keh to raha hon kuch naheen hoa."
usne kuch bola he naheen mujhe pata tha wo naraz hogayi hai..
"Phone rakhtay hoay bataonga"
"Han pakka!"
"Qasam khao.."
"Aby yar tum ye itni be-itebari mat dekhaya karo... kaha hai to batadonga.."
"Acha chalo phir phone rakhtay hain.."
"Itni jaldi.."
"Han tabhi to tum jaldi batao ge k kia baat hai.."
Bohat chalak thi wo.. hai na? phir bhi meri ..
"acha chalo batata hon"
"Wo.. bata don"
"Han na.."
"han I...?"
"I love You!"
Main ne phone rakh dia...

"Sid! uth jao bnetta 9:00 baj gaye hain jana naheen hai"

Main ussay naheen keh paya kuch bhi.. Shayed phir kabhi keh paon.. Kash main ussay bata paon.. ke main ... MAIN USSAY PYAR KARTA HON!

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Re:Re:Re:Re: My Last Letter For You!

Saturday, December 27, 2008 0

Dearest XX!

Sorry for late reply.. Um too tired things arent good at my side as usual.. i know you must be saying "I will dre be a day wen u say um perfectly fine?" but then you know NOBODY is perfect .. :D hehehehehe see my stubborness.. OK I ve list to tell you here I go,

1. I had a fyt with Lee

2. I got a digi-cam yeeeeeeeeeee! ;)

3. I am not gettng a cellphone changed no no! i am not sad as i told u no.

4. Aptitutes date has been anounced..

5. I missed you..

See few imp things atleast till 4 ;) they are!

I got to go dad calling.. you know his calls are so wild...

Love ya!


P.s( 5th one is the most imp thing..)

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Re:Re:Re: My Last letter For You!

Thursday, December 25, 2008 0

Dearest I.

What is wrong with you? why are you taking things in a opposite direction... I am saying what and you are replying me what... And I only smile on your confusions because you dont know your self..! thats the only thing.. I you are a unique person with a very different ideology, philosphy and priority for things in your lyf... Dear! dont understimate your-self.. for heavensake! giv d aptitute give interview and leave things on God as its you who told me .. how to trust GOD!

PS( i love pink colour)
& yes! I love you and i miss you too!

Loads of luv!


Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Tuesday, December 23, 2008 2
" tum kahan thay"
"kiun? kia hoa?"
" batao na kahan thay..?"
"yar shadi main tha.. hoa kia ?"
" suno! hoa kia?"
" kuch naheen!"
"cell kiun off tha?"
" battery down hogi.."
" hogi matlab? dono cells ki battery down thi?"
" problem kia hoi ye batao? "
" kuch naheen"

ting ting ting

" kia hai?"
"phone kiun rakha?"
" marzi meri!"
"baat naheen karni?"
" naheen karni!"
" pakka?"
" han naheen karni"
" theek hai mujhe bhi nahin karni"
" han han theek hai.."
" bilkul mujhe bhi naheen karni main phone rakh raha hun"
" bye"
" han bye"
" suno!"
"mat rakho na.."
"hehehehe kya yar tum bhi na..."

hameesha yehi hota tha ... wo akarti phir..... phir man jati..

Re:Re: My Last Letter For You!


ya ya I knw in what you are busy... and stop acting as if you are really bothered... I know you callled but.. i am not recieving call from anyone got it? ANYONE.. and you.. just come back once and i am surely gonna kill you...

I got an interview call but.. um ot going there.. I think they will throw me out.. :( ( dont smile..) i know you do always smile when i am confused and you neva told me why you do such things..

a truth i wanna tell you is i miss you come bak... ok ok plzzzzzzzzzz ........ happy?



Saturday, December 20, 2008

Re: My Last Letter For You!

Saturday, December 20, 2008 4
Dearest I.
myy my are you mad? wen i mailed me i was taking tea ( i checked the tym even) listen this tym u did sumfin rong i am going to slap u and i reely mean it u got it? and i am in no more jokng mood neither i am chilling i was after tea busy in scheduled meeting or else i wud ve called u at ur home i knw i knw u switched off ur cell ( dare u smile!) i hate wen u do such things life ios not wat u think ... olright i know you are realistic but still gals are not tht realistic...
I love you!
Take care and for heavensake dont do nythng rong till i get bak!

& yes ilove the pink colour... :P


Friday, December 19, 2008

My Last Letter For You!

Friday, December 19, 2008 2

Dearest (i dont want to write the name)!
I am a mentally unstable person i deny every single belief when I lose my faiths, beleives and relations.. Zindagi guzarnay ke apnay dhang or tareeqay hain meray mujhe dost ki kami hameesha se rahi hai shyed isliye ke main achi dost naheen hon par aj se i am in no more search of friendship i am quiting-off this task i am quiting off every task i was involved-in I am leacing internet my cellphone and every other possible way of commmunication with you i know you wont be reading this even!. kiun ke in sab se sirf mai effect ho raheen hon i am leaving you with whom with rest of your "FRIENDS" as you have many but i am again alone! I leave you on this note i loved you but... its not your mistake the mistake is again mine but ...... i know i am a person with loads and loads of "if's" and "but's"

Saturday, December 13, 2008

The Two Letters

Saturday, December 13, 2008 0

Dearest Dad!
I'm sick of telling you both that this is my life I can handle it the way I want.
Tell me a way through which you people can get satisfied as you people are
making me nuts. I don't get i why are you making me pampered when i dont
want to be. I know you do care for me but care in this way .... Ahh! i which i
could afford this..I am leaving this house for .. may be for few hours.. days
... or for few weeks. I am going out of town with friends and tell Mom! I
robbed some money from her bag, pay her back if you can. Don't call on my
mobile as by this you'll only waste my time. Do take care of yourself.
P.S (I Love You! )

I saw my daughter's letter lying on table when I came back from a formal dinner. I hurried to her room but she was no-where. She was gone, I came back and saw my wife who was holding letter staring it and she was crying hard. As she saw me she came to me with letter in her hands.
"Why.. why she did this with us? what made her..?" She was asking me same questions i was having in my mind but there was no one who can answer I sighed!
I hugged her as this was the only thing i could do. Her head placed on my chest and my shirt was getting wet with her tears I dont know how to stop her from crying it was hurting me..
"You know why she did this?" She asked in low voice as low as a whisper
"Why?" I had to ask no!?
"Because I did the same" Her words.. the made me completely shocked as i was totally unaware of it.
"WHAT!.. when?" It was surely unbelieveable
"When i was of her age.." he said with a guilt in her voice as she moved away from me.. She walked towards the closet and when she came out she was holding a piece of paper
"See this" she said
It was letter similar of what my daughter wrote!

Dear Mom & Dad!
I'm going out-of city for 15 days took money from mom's closet. You people
will get worried so I'm leaving this letter for you both. I'll be fine dont worry
few friends are with me & yes..! for heavensake dont go and search who they
are .. please! I hate you people's investigations. I'm an adult I can take a
good care of my own. Mom! please dont get panic and dont try my cellphone
although it is with me but calling you people wil ruin everything..
(I LOVE YOU & Take care)

I was speechless, "what to say" was something I was definately unaware of.. Both the letters were in my hands.
"Your daughter did what you did or I should be saying she repeated the history but what is my fault? why she did this with me?" These were few questions I wanted to ask her but i couldn't as i was not sure of what is wrong what was right.. but if history repeats itself why it didnt repeat my history??

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Tanahai !

Saturday, November 29, 2008 0

Kehtay hain buray doston aur buri suhbato'n se tanhai bohat behtar hoti hai magar ye batain dar-haqiqat hamari zindagi main lafazi se ziada koi ehmiyat naheen rakhteen (sach kaha na?). Ajeeb baat ye hai ke bohat kam log hum main se 'Akailay-pan' aur 'Tanhai' ke darmiyan mojood farq se waqif hotay hain.. (Lijiye baaton baaton main ghar bhi agaya)
Jantay hain mujhe apnay ghar ki sab se achi aur sab buri baat ik he lagti hai aur wo hai hamaray ghar main mojood sab hi logon ki beinteha masroofiyat. Ab ye jo samnay walay kamray main aram se so raha hai isi ko dekh lain han han! yehi jo 1:00 bje tak asmaan par taray ginta hai ye mera sab se chota bhai hai umr hai 13 saal MASHALLAH se shehr ke meh'nge tareen school main parhta hai chand achay larko ka dost bhi hai, din bhar parhai or khail-kood main masroof rehta hai phir bhi khud ko "TANHA" mehsoos karta hai. Bhala hai koi baat?
Ab is kamray ke dai'n janib jo kamra hai na wo kamra mera dada-jan ka hai umr unki kareeban satar (70) hogi. Jawani main kabhi Allah ke agay naheen jhukay magar ab sirf yehi kam kartay hain. Ye bhi din bhar namazain shukranay ki, farz aur qaza ki ada kartay rehtay hain. Doston se bhi miltay rehtay hain phir bhi "TANHA" hojanay ka gila karte hain. Khuda ke saath bhi tanhai?
Yeh jo sehriyan charh kar samnay he darwaza hai ye meri behan ke kamray ka hai. Duniya ka koi kam karna uske bas ki baat naheen. Aray! wo to apna kam he minaton se karti hai wo bhi sirf zarori to hum hareeb kis khait ki moli hain? Din bhar mohtarama hamaray ghar ki riwayat ko barqarar rakhtay hoay ghar main mojood he naheen hoteen or jo kabhi waqr mayasar ajaye to t.v ke remote ki mano shamat ajati hai itni masroofiyat ke bawajood usse bhi "TANHA" honay ka gilla hai.
Ye dai'n janib khulnay wala darwaza un do hastiyon ke kamray main khulta hai jo humain duniya main lanay ka zarya banain hain. Bilkul jee humaray waldain, jo subha uthtay he kam ka aghaz kardetay hain. Ik kamray main rehnay walay ik dosray ki shakal se nafrat kartay hain itni nafrat ke na to ik dosray ki shakal dekhna chahtay hain aur na he dekhana chahtay hain. Dono apni he zaat main gum hain aur khud ko apni apni jaga "TANHA" mehsoos kartay hain.
Raha sawal mera to ye serhiyon se bai'n tarf janay wali simt par bana akhri darwaza meray kamray ka hai jahan hasb-e-haal cheezain be-thikana hongi. Kai kapray bistar par honge jinhain main har raat sonay se pehlay utha kar kursi par dal deta hun aur jab kursi par bethna ho to bistar par dal deta hon. Kamray main dakhil hotay he boo ayi thi na? ye paint ki hai. Meray ghar walon ko lagta hai ke main "TANHA" hon tabhi din bhar awaragardi karta rehta hon kamra bekhair ke rakhta hon jab ke sirf main janta hon ke
"Wo Sab Tanha hain Main To Sirf Akaila Hon"

Friday, November 28, 2008

'MulaQaat' ! (III)

Friday, November 28, 2008 0

"kuch hoa hai? gum sum kiun ho?" Uski awaz pe mujhe chokna he para wo haray se rang ke kapray se baal bandhay haray he suit main meray samnay khari thi
"Naheen!" main ne halkay se jawab detay hoay bench pe uskay bethnay ki jaga di
"Kya naheen? kuch hoa 'naheen' ya gum-sum 'naheen' ho" usnay bethtay he mera hath pakr lia ussay meray haath bohat achay lagtay thay wo aksar poochti thi ke main apni skin ke liya kia kerti hon main hameesha btati hon ke aisa kuch naheen hai magar ...
"............ pata hai.." wo shayed kuch keh rahi thi phir meri ghairmojoodgi mehssoos karke khamoosh hogai
"Kya hoa?" mujhe dekhtay hoay usne ik bar phir poocha magar main btati bhi to kia or kaise btati wo to kuch janti hi nahin thi main ne btaya he kab tha uska bhi qasoor naheen tha mukamal..
"Kuch naheen! kahir tum btao tumharay admission ka kia bana?" Main ne uski tawajjo uske oper mabzool karwani chahi magar wo bhi to apne he naam ki ik thi bhala kaise mumkin tha ke wo man jati
"Tum mujhe apna dost naheen manti na?" usne afsurdgi se pooocha
"awww! ye kisne kaha ? isa kuch bhi naheen hai" main ne hiran hotay hoay use jawa dia
"Aisa he hai kiun agar main tumhari dost oti to tum mujh se apni batain share karteen tu meri dost ho main tumhari dost naheen hon mujhe pata hai" usne meri sooch se zyada gehri baat ki
"Kya ye dono ik he baat naheen hai?" main ne usse ik baar phir behlanay ki koshish ki
"Tum mujhe bacha kiun samjhti ho?" usse ghssa agaya
" Bacha samjhnay ki kya baat hai?" main abhi bhi kuch samjhnahin payi ke yakdam usse kia hoa
"Yar please! aisay mat act karo jaise tumhain pata he na ho ke main kia baat kar rahi hon" wo kapray jhartay hoay khari hogai
"Suno! to ... yar hoa kya?" main usse poochti reh gayi magar wo rukay baghair sunay baghir chalti chali gayi..

Pata hai main abhi tak uske intezar main bethi hon pata naheen kiun par mujhe khushfehmi hai ke wo wapis zaroor ayigi magar kya mazi main se koi yun naraz hokar jata hoa palta hai ? jo wo paltay? naheen na! phir? mujhe kiun mujhe aisa lagta hai ? Sandy kehti hai sawal karna achi baat hai.. waqai? kabhi kabhi main bohat ajeeb hojateen hon janay walaon ko aksar yehi shikayat rehti hai magar .. or kia karon? unhain rokon? magar unhain rukna he tha to wo gaye kiun? Azzan shuru hogai hai ahhh! mjhe bhi chalna chahiye.. WO BHI NAHEEN AYEGI! kam se kam aj ki tareekh main to naheen [hehehe] mujhe pata hai yun hansna pagalpan hai magar...
To Be Continued..!

'MulaQaat' ! (II)

"Kahan theen itnay din?"
"Kaheen naheen"
"kuch naheen"
"To ayeen kiun naheen itnay din?"
"Aise hee.."
"Aise hee kya?"
"Kuch naheen"

Main pata naheen kiun phir chup si hogayi shayed meray sawal khatum hogaye thay ya shayed uske jawabat hogaye thay.. waisay ye "SHAYED" bhi kitna doghla lafz hai na! isse laga ke jumlay main app kuch bhi keh saktay hain or phir baray aram se app us baat se apni lataluqi bhi zahir kar saktay hain (mujhe apni halat par hansi arahi thi or kiun na ati main aksar apne app koi bhi nahin bakhshti).=)

"Pata hai kya..!"main apni zaat main gum hoa chahti thi ke wo mujhe haal main hench lai
"Kia?" main ne use sawaliya nazron se dekha mujh se nazrain churatay hoay usne apne dikhnay ka zaviya badal dala
"kuch nahin!" usne hathon main chehray ko chupa lia bilkul aise he jaise shutarmurgh rait main apna mun chupa leleti hai bilkul aise he jaise kabotar ane walay halat se khud ko bekhabar zahir karne k liye ankhain band karleta hai! magar... usse hoa kia? main ne kuch soochtay hoay ussay dekha kaheen... nahin nahin (mera demgh bhi na minute nahin lagta phalangnay main high jump ka shoqeen jo t'hera)

"Acha na batao kuch bhi sirf itna bata do mad-e-muqabil kon tha?" Main ne usse uksaya
"Uski to main...." wo kuch kehtay kehtay ruk gaye
"Na na gaali nahin ALLAH naraz hojain ge" main ne use gali denay se ruka tha
"Allah razi kab hai?"usne mauskun lehjay main kaha
"Allah na kare ke Allah tum se na-razi ho .. hoa kiya hai? ye to batao na.." main ne usse kuraidnay walay andaz main samjhaya
"Tum itni mutmaeen kaise rehleti ho? tum khushnaseeb ho jo khuda sameet ye jahan bhi tum par mehrba'an hai" Wo najanay meray samjhanay ko kiya samjhi jo itna kuch bol gayi andar kuch chbha tha.. kuch dard utha tha ander..
"Main samjhi nahin kiya kehna chahti ho tum? main to bas tumhain ..........." mujh se bola he nahin gaya ander ajeeb tor phorh ho rahi thi ..
"Naheen wo main...shit yar! dekh yar I am sorry mujhe maaf karde aj mera demgh kam nahin kar raha please mujeh nahin pata kya aul faul bol gayi main " Wo pata nahin kya kuch keh rahi thi magar mujhe to usne mazi ke puranay qissay main kisi urani jaga pe lakhra kia tha.. jahan yehi sab tha bas kirdar koi or tha... han koi or tha wo to naheen thi han wo nahin thi .. main khud ko samjha rahi thi magar meray gird andheray chah rahay thay jo awaz kano main gonj rahi thi wo jani pehchani thi han main pehchanti thi is awaz ko or pata hai wo wohi nazam suna rahi thi jo usse bohat pasand thi pata hai kon si nazam ..? ye wali!

Kaise karigar hain ye!
Aas k darkhton se,
lafz kat'tay hain or sirhiyan banatay hain,
kaise bahunar hain ye!
Ghum k beej botay hain,
or dilon main khushion ki khaitian ugatay hain,
kaise charahgar hain ye,
Waqt k samndar main,
kishtian banatay hain ap doob jatay hain!

To Be Continued...

P.S( I cant write more but wanted to so i wrote it. I am sorry readers!)

Monday, November 24, 2008

MulaQaat ! (I)

Monday, November 24, 2008 4
"hum pphir milain ge.. ""magar suno to.."
"nahin phir kabhi sahi aj nahin jaldi hai"
"par..""par.. woh hotay to tumhain bhi ura le jati par hain he nahin"
"meri baat to suno.."
"kal suno gi aj waqt khatum hoa"
"han .. kal yaheen milna.."
Wo roz yehi to karti thi .. har bar yehi hota tha mujhe bura bhi lagta tha magar kia kiya ja sakta hai us say milna bhi zaroori tha. Koi or ye dekh le to yaqen na kare k ye mein keh rahi hon mein.. jo logon mein na jane kia kia mashoor hon han mein .. mein uski sari naaz bardariyan bardasht karti hon KIUN? kiun k wo mujh se kuch nahin pochti , mujhe kuraidti naahin .. Anjaane mein meray kisi zakhum ko hara nahin karti bas ati hai cheekhti hoi kabhi hansti hoi or kabhi chotay bachon ki tarhan roti hoi.. Usay mujhe se chota ban'na acha to nahin lagta tha magar wo tajarbay ki bhati mein he nahin umr mein bhi mujh se kuch choti hi thi go k asal umr usnay mujh kabhi nahin batai par mera andaza hai .. :) roz ki tarhan wo kal phir mujhe milegi najany kab tak wo milegi shyed tab tak jabtak ussay koi dost nahin mil jata (hum ik dosray ko dost nahin mantay) wo kehti hai waqt ne usay ik acha dost sabit kabhi nahin kia so.. hum dost nahin ban saktay. Usay najane kia kia ghalat fehmiyan thi.. ussay lagta tha ke mein bohat aqal mand hon isiliye chup rehti hon .. jab k mein to.. shayed lafz bolna bhool gayi hon jabhi chup hon ussey pata nahin k main chup hon kiun k meray ander bohat khamoshi hai.. Usay dost achay lagtay hain aisa nahin k uske dost hain he nahin magar wo yehi kehti hai ya shyed wo uski dosti k may'ar par pura nahin utartay hi nahin honge ye bhi hosakta hai wo he unko na samjh pati ho .. mein hameesha is "HO SAKTA" or "SHAYED" mein phansi rehti hon or wo.. wo itnay yaqeen se kehti hai jo kehna chahti hai k uski baaton main mojood yaqeen pr yaqeen karnay ko jee chahta hai.. Uske pass masail or shikayat ka ambar laga rehta hai jab mein uske samnay ye kehti hon to wo palat kar tunak kar kehti hai
" Fursat milegi to inahin dil k daftar mein saja dongi magar jab fursat milegi tab"
"fursat mili or tm bhool gayeen to?"
"to kia? tum ho na yaad dilanay k liye.."
"mein kia isliye hon?"
"to kis liye ho?"
"is kam k liye hargiz nahin hon"
"oho.. msroof bandi ko to dekho"
"shaksiyat b ap keh saktin theen"
"han han wohi nasihat bibi"Mein jab ussay kuch samjhati wo yunhi karti thi kabhi mujhe nsihat bibi kehti kabhi aflatoon kabhi kuch kabhi kuch or jab mein kuch nahin kehti thi tab halke se meray kan mein kehti..
"Tumhari sab se buri baat yehi hai k tum dil ko zaban se rabta nahin karne deteen"
"Tum sooch k batao k akhri bar kab kisi ko palat kar kuch kaha tum ne jb kisi ne meri tarhan tumhain tang kia? sooch k batao"
"phr sochnay do"
Wo samnay khari thi or main soochne sochne mein najane kitnay kos peechay chali gayi thi.. kuch dar thay jinahin mein ik bar phir kholany lagi thi k usnay mujhe phir jagaya.."Aye..l mein ja rahi hon kal milain ge..""magar..""KAL .. kal milain ge"wo kabhi alvida bhi nahin kehti thi na hi mujhe kehnay deti thi usay kabhi "GOOD-BYE'S" achay nahin lagtay thay or mujhe .. sirf ye kam achay se karna ata tha...

To Be Continued..

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Khoo'n Baha!

Sunday, October 26, 2008 2
Wo kamray main band thi, subha se sewai mayi khira'n ke kisi ne andar jahanka tak na tha. Agar roz ki tarhan ka ye koi din hota to Amma Bi (dadi) zaror adhamktee'n ke wo bahar kiun nahin ayi, nashta kiun nahin karti or ik jumla to zaroor keheen"Ni Zhora! ye sawairay sawiray kia nahosat pehla rakhi hai chal bahar aa" Ye sooch kar he uske lab muskura uthay magar dil amin khayal aya ke (Ye aam din he to nahin hai warna aj bhi roz ki tarhan baba mujhe uthatay main ankhain band karti jhoot moot or wo piyar se meray bal sehltay rehtay jab tak main uth na jati). Han ye aam din kaise hosakta hai aj faislay ka din jo tehra. Wo khud bahar nikal ayi dekha ke amma bi, Maui khira'n, Bharjai, Adi or Amma sab janamaz par behtay kisi mojzay ke muntazir hain.. (Ye mojzay kia aj bhi hoa karte hain) usne soocha phir asmaan ki janib nigha ki (kia wo waqai wo KHUDA hai agar wo khuda hai to ye "fasila" karne walay kon hotay hain .. ye kon log hain jo zindagi or maut ke malik o mukhtar banay behttay hain) wo sooch he rahi thi ke shoor utha "Sai'een" ghar main dakhil hotay hain.. Wo dorti hoi dalan pohanchi jahan anjaan loogon ke darmiyan afsurda sa uska BABA chala ata tha.."Baba! Baba!" wo unhain pukrna chahti thi magar ye kia.. unke saath wo bhi th jiska aj faisla hona tha .. (To kia wo jeet gaye thay faisla?) dil-e-nadan main khushgumani paida hoi ke dimgh baba ke chehra par afsurdagi ko dil ki khushgumani par ghalib lata hai (to kia wo har gaye?)

--------------------------Manzar badalata hai!---------------------------------

Kamray main behtta wo shaks kisi katya main nahin balkay apni alishan khoti main sir diye yun behtha tha jaise sab luta aya ho Or kiun na behtha aj wo apne bettay ke muqablay main betti ko har he to aya tha. Wo betti jo jab is duniya main ayi thi to usne na janay kitnay ghareebon ko khana khilaya tha, ktnay he umra'a ko taheef bhejwaye thay. Kitnay he din jashn mana kar usne us betti ke anay ki khushi manai thi tab kisi ki yad aj ke din ki tarhan zehn main utri thi uski jisne lal jora pehan kar usse bad dua di thi kaha tha" Main to ja rahi hon magar Khuda kare ke to us dard ko mehsoos kar sakay jo meray bap ne saha hai, teri betti bhi kisi ke karda gunahon ki saza bhugtay"Han wo baddua sach hogai thi . Wo ladli usse cheen li gai thi wo jiski subha apne baba ke baghair nahin hoti thi.. gar usay puri zindgai ussi bap ke baghair guzarni pari to kia wo jee paye gi?Kamray pe dastak use khayalat ki mehfil se bahar le to ayeen magar wo ab bhi gum sum tha.. Anay wali ne uske pass zameen main beth kar uske pair pakkar liye thay"Saie'en kuch to karo! meri bachi ko bacha lo""Kiun Maryum! tumahin to betta chahiye tha na.. Babba khush ho tumko tumhara betta mil gaya..""nahin sai'een! meri bachi bohat choti hai wo nahin jee pai gi! sai'een! usse bacha lo wo .. to tumaharay baghair mar jayegi... Jargha kia kehta hai koi to dosra rasta hoga?""Han rasta hai! hum unki betti ko apni bahoo bana lain..""Sai'een karlo aisa main tumharay pair parti hon meri bachi ko bacha lo .. unki betti ko main seenay se laga kar rakhon gi""Magar hm...""Naheen Sai'een kab tak (anaya wali girbaan pe hatth dalti hai) zulm ki inteha karo ge? kab tak oladon ko zmeen ke wastay qurbaan karo ge! Nahin sai'een mujhe nahin maloom mujhe betti la do wapis wo mar jayegi.. tum usay na dekho to uska dil toot jata hai wo ghantoo'n sooochti rehti hai ke uska bap usse be-inteha chahnay wala ussay nazarandaz kiun kar raha hai? Ik bap ban kar soocho, kia waja batao ge betti ko ke tum ne usse apne azeem dushman ke hawlay kis aisi waja se kardia jo uske honay se bhi barh kar hai?" Wo usse ayinay main jo shakal dekha rahi thi wo bohaty bhayanak thi wo seh na paya tabhi chekha.."To kia karun? betta baich don? To bata kiya karun? Kaise bachaon ussay kia karun! bolo .. bolo na.. (uska gala rundh gaya) Kia haun ussay? kaise samna karon uska? kia kahun ke meri guriya tera baba tera soda teray bhai ke ewaz kar btha ab to meri guriya nahin rahi main ne haq kho dia?" Wo ro raha tha ... wo jo jageerdar tha, Jiska hukam ik gao'n manta tha wo ro raha tha girgira raha tha..


"Ama Bi!""Han put'r! bol..""Baba ko kia hoa subha se meray pass nahin aye.." Betian shayed hoti he khushgum'an hain."Kuch nahin put'r! To bhi na bas baba baba karti rehna kabhi usne nahin dekha to shikayat dekha to shikayat .. tujhe nahin pata kia ke zameeno main kitna bakhira hai" Ama bi ne jawab diya"Kia zameenain betion se barh kar hoti hain Ama Bi! meray liye to ktabain BABA se ziyada zaroori nahin hain na hi ashliya meri guriya agar main us se khail bhi rahi hoti hon to BABA ke anay par ussay chor kar BABA k pass chali nahin jati kia?" Wo bhi poti unheen ki thi.."Hain hian! na tera guriyon se khailna or uska zameendari ka kam barabar kaise hogaya! kia baat hai Wo to mera sona RAB kahir kare k to ik he hai nahin to na jane kia hota.. tera to bap ka kurta chornay ka dil he nahin karta" unhon ne revaiti aurat honay ka saboot dia."Ama Bi!""Huuuun? ab kai hai""Ama Bi! ye khoo'n baha kia hota hai?" Aisa laga jaise kisi ne us baray se zanan kahnay main mojoob sab ki quat-e-goyayi salb karli .. Ama bi ka chehra lathay ke manind safaid par gaya.."Bibi! apne kahan suna ye lafz?" Mayi shakoora ne Zohra se poocha"Baba ke kamray main kal lala keh rahay thay ke hum bhaya ko khoon baha dekar chura saktay hain...Ama malish to karain idr nahin hoi seedhi taraf "Zohra ne apni dhun main jawab diya.. Wo to keh kar chup hogai ye dekhay janay baghair ke uska bap zameen par beth gaya hai uski ankhon se shidat-e-ghum aya'n hai uske hoont phar phara rahain hain wo kuch kehna to chahta hai shyed maffi mangna chahta hai magar kuch bol nahin pa raha yahan tak ke is koshish main hawas kho bethta hai .. Hosh khonay se pehlay jo akhri lafz uske kano'n main para tha wo uski betti ki pukar thi, uski betti ka usse dekh kar wo "BABA" kehna tha.. KASH wo bas ye lafz sunta hoa mar jaye.. maut he to ab uski talab thi wo kaise dekh payega wo gulab chehra safaid rang main lipta wo nanaha sarapa wo bari bari ankhon main dard ka darya wo uska dehleez ka par karna wo bhi ik khoo'n bahay ki sorat main ..


"Sai'een!""Baba!""Badshah sai'een"Tarhan tarhan ki awazain uske kan'on main pari wo har bara ke utha dekha to manzar he oor sa tha"Muhib Ali! jao kalay bakray sadqa do meray lal ko hosh agya us Sonay Pak RUb ka karam hai" Ama Bi ne qareeb tareen kharay khadim ko hukum dia"Ama Bi! zohra!""han putar! waisay teri inhi baaton ne usse sar carha rakha hai na kuch kha rahi hai na pee rai hai jab se to is bistar par para hai wo dargha main bethi hai roti rehti hai RUB sonay se teri zidagi mangti rehti hai. han!.. ye teray liye banaya tha usne jis roz to behosh hoa tha hai to aj tesra din magar dekh le.." unhon ne uske hath main kaghaz ka ik tukra pakraya... Han! kaghaz ka tukr he to tha jo unke dil ke tukray ne likha tha go ke lafz mitay mitay se thay par pata khoob chal raha tha jo lafz nazar arahay tha wo ye thay "I love you Baba! please theek hojao!"..
Tabhi kamray ka darwaza khola wo pari paikar andar dakhil hoi.. hiran se tezi liye wo bap ke seenay se lagi hichkiyan bharnay lagi"Baba! apko pata hai ada ne kaha app behosh hogaye main ne kaha bhi app to so rahay ho par ada ne .. ada ne kaha mujhe kuch nahin pata unhain pata hai kiun ke wo betay hain ... baba! app batain na app so rahay tha na .. mujhe dar lag raha tha baba ab itti dair mat soiye ga please baba" Wo choti si 8 saal ki Zohra berabt andaz main najane kia kia keh rahi thi ke unahon ne use usko galay laga kar khosh karaya. Ankhain mondeen phir khud kalami ke andaz main kaha"Ye kis ne kaha ke betiyan kuch nahin janteen? ye beetiyan he to sab kuch janti hain. Inhain bachana hoga is sab se jo dekha hai gar wo khuwab tha to isse haqiqat main dhalnay se pehlay rokna hoga kaheen ye beetiyan rul na jain kaheen phir kisi ki kamsin masoom beti yun 'Khoo'n Baha' k naam par apno he ke hathon barbad na ho jaye" wo halkay halkay bol rahay thay ke do nanahay nanahay hathon ne unke behtay hoay anson ko saaf karte hoay beqara lehjay main poocha"Baba jani!""Jee! baba ka betta""Baba main beti hon""acha! baba ki beti""Ap kiun roay? dard ziada ho raha hai?" beti ke masoom lehjay ne shayed uskay tamam zakhum bhar diye (han use rokna hoga waqt k hathon in bettion ko rultay hoay)"Nahin betta! baba ki betti hai na baba ke pass phir dard kaise ayega?""Nahin ayega na?" Zohra ne beyaqeeni se poocha"Nahin ayega!" unhon ne yaqeen se kaha or usse galay lag liya or phir kaha "Ahhhhhhh! ye betiyan!"

P.S(Dedicated to all dad's and thier daughters!I LOVE YOU DAD! :( & Blimme its fo you DAD! )

Friday, October 24, 2008


Friday, October 24, 2008 0
"Jaldi karo! reh kahan gayeen theen tum?"
"Ahista bhae! sans to lene do.."
"Jaldi karo phir rasta nahin milega"
"Neechay bhi rash bohat tha tabhi dair hoi"
"Bas is kamray main chalo.. chalo na andar"
"Haye! thak gayi YA ALLAH! "
"Main bhi bohat thak gayi"
"Kal wo .... "
Mahool main yakdam paida honay walay shoor o ghul ne batanay walay ki awaz ko daba lia..
"Oi Allah! baray mian zara aram se khamosh kara detay.."
"Class aj hum Pakistan par hukomat karne walon ki baat karan ge.."
"Roz kia karte hain?"pehli boli
"Chup hojao! sun to lo.." dosri boli
Tabhi wohi pat-dar awaz gonji.
"Gen. Ayub Khan se lekar Gen. Musharraf tak... sab he ne mulk ka biragharak kia..."
"To ab kon sa acha ho raha hai" dosri boli
"Kuch bhi nahin.." pehli boli
Ghanti baji wo dio hikal wajood gaya or wo class jo ab tak khamosh thi ik dam shoor se bhar gayi tabhi ik muheen si awaz pehli ke kan main pari
"Lerkion! ye kia batamezi hai na salam na dua.."
"AsalamOalikum Miss" sab ne cheekh kar salam kia
"Hain! ye kon hai?" pehli ne dosri se poocha
"Islamiyat ki teacher" dosri ne kaha
"Han to lerkion hum kal baat kar rahay thay ke RASOOL S.A.W ne farmaya ke "Khuda ne kisi ujmi ko kisi arbi par na kisi arbi ko ujmi par foqiyat di..."
"Ye log Khuda or Uske RASOOL (S.A.W) ko mantay hain?" pehli boli
"Han ye log bhi musalman hain" Dosri ne jawab diya
Najane pehli kiya sooch rahi thi, dosri ne pehli ko dekha yahan tak ke class k tamam bachay chalay gaye pehli board par he nazrain garhi behtti rahi dosri ne khud he pehli ko mukhatib kia..
"Kia sooch rahi hon?"
"Jaldi karo! reh kahan gayeen theen tum?"
"Ahista bhae! sans to lene do.."
"Jaldi karo phir rasta nahin milega"
"Neechay bhi rash bohat tha tabhi dair hoi"
"Bas is kamray main chalo.. chalo na andar"
"Haye! thak gayi YA ALLAH! "
"Main bhi bohat thak gayi"
"Kal wo .... "
Mahool main yakdam paida honay walay shoor o ghul ne batanay walay ki awaz ko daba lia..
"Oi Allah! baray mian zara aram se khamosh kara detay.."
"Class aj hum Pakistan par hukomat karne walon ki baat karan ge.."
"Roz kia karte hain?"pehli boli
"Chup hojao! sun to lo.." dosri boli
Tabhi wohi pat-dar awaz gonji.
"Gen. Ayub Khan se lekar Gen. Musharraf tak... sab he ne mulk ka biragharak kia..."
"To ab kon sa acha ho raha hai" dosri boli
"Kuch bhi nahin.." pehli boli
Ghanti baji wo dio hikal wajood gaya or wo class jo ab tak khamosh thi ik dam shoor se bhar gayi tabhi ik muheen si awaz pehli ke kan main pari
"Lerkion! ye kia batamezi hai na salam na dua.."
"AsalamOalikum Miss" sab ne cheekh kar salam kia
"Hain! ye kon hai?" pehli ne dosri se poocha
"Islamiyat ki teacher" dosri ne kaha
"Han to lerkion hum kal baat kar rahay thay ke RASOOL S.A.W ne farmaya ke "Khuda ne kisi ujmi ko kisi arbi par na kisi arbi ko ujmi par foqiyat di..."
"Ye log Khuda or Uske RASOOL (S.A.W) ko mantay hain?" pehli boli
"Han ye log bhi musalman hain" Dosri ne jawab diya
Najane pehli kiya sooch rahi thi, dosri ne pehli ko dekha yahan tak ke class k tamam bachay chalay gaye pehli board par he nazrain garhi behtti rahi dosri ne khud he pehli ko mukhatib kia..
"Kia sooch rahi hon?"

"Kuch nahin .. ye sab kahan gaye?" pehli boli
"Neechay gaye hain magar tum kiya sooch rahi hon or itni chup kiun ho?" dosri ne pocha..
"Ik baat sooch rahi hon" pehli ne sar utha kar kaha
"Aray wohi to pooch rahi hon kya sooch rahi ho" dosri ne beqarar hotay hoay pooch..
"Main sooch rahi hon k.. Hum insaano k liye barabar hain .. chahe hum cheen k hon ya arab ke bangladesh ke ya libiya ke.. hum kisi bhi mulk ke hon kisi bhi shehr ke hon hum inke liyay chitiyan he hain" pehli ye keh kar ruk gaye..
"Han (soochtay hoay) to...?" dosri ne hirat se pehli ko dekha..
"To ye sirf insaan kiun nahin hain ye Pakistani ... Amreci ... Irani ... Iraqi ... kiun hain? ye bas Insaan kiun nah..."Pehli yaheen tak bol payi ki thi bahar dhamaka hoa... dewarain gireen bachon ka shor ... unki cheekhain.. unki ahain fiza main gonjeen..
"Tum theek ho?" pehli ne dosri ki tabha halat ko dekha.
"y yeee kiiiiiia hoooooooooa?" dosri ne pehli se poocha
"Lagta hai bomb phatta hai .... suno tum theek ho?" dosri ka kharab hal dekhtay hoay pehli ne daray hoay lehjay mein poocha..
"Main .. bas.. han! tum ik baat sun lo jis din ye log insaan ban gaye na apne apko bas insaan kehnay lagay us din se ye bombar (sans ruki) khudkash dhamkay karna chor daingggggeeee YYYYYYYAAAAA AAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLAAAAAAHH" dosri ne akhri sans li or pehli ko chor kar un na jane kitnay logon ki tarhan jo in khudkash bomb dhamkon main apne jaan dedetay hain, us bargah-e-rabi main hazri dainay chali gayi!

P.S( Mujhe nahin pata ye kiun likhi main ne par han ye pata hai k ye likhi main ne hai..)
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