Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Too Good To Be True ! ( The journey Begins..)

Tuesday, March 31, 2009 12

Too Good To Be True!

'Huff..' I took a deep breath and try to relax myself a bit. This was my first day in this new 'old looking' school. We just moved here, I remember how much fun it was going to old school. I was unable stop to myself thinking about my old school. With some difficulty I was able to reach my class. A no. of students were there already, unpacking there bags, grabbing seats. I stood unsteadily, moving my eyes from one corner of room to another, watching pupil busy in there own work, in there own talks but just then I saw him. A good looking guy sitting alone having innocence or i may call a dumbness on his face. Just then I remembered what my mother told me this morning while chilling my nerves a bit she said;

' Darling! why getting feared just relax all you have to do is find a dumb guy or girl in class and get settled with her within a day or two you will get to know other kids too' He was the right choice ( I thought for a moment).

He looked quite dumb by his face aside from being handsome and all ;) . I started taking smaller but confident steps towards him but then only, a girl passed by me always making me fallen down, thanks to a desk who supported me or else I would have lost my balance.

' Hi Anderio' she hugged him.
' Hi Sere! ' He patted her shoulder.

They both looked good together. Huh! Who cares but Man! now where to sit? I turned my back towards them and started walking when only I heard a voice;

' Hey! ' Someone calling me? I wasn't sure so I continued my search.
' Hey you! you black hair ' I didn't look back neither I paid attention towards the voice and then i feel a hand on my shoulder. I turned and saw him.. Ah!

' Ya ? ' I inquired
' Angelina Grace? ' How on earth he knows my name.
' Yes! you? ' (Formality off course)
' I am Anderio. Your seat is next to me ' We shake our hands and I followed him. I placed my things next to his . I was quite not knowing what to say but he kept on talking;

' You must be thinking how I know you? Well, basically we all, off course except you are old fellows when i saw the seating list on the notice board and read a new name I was surprised. And when I saw you as new face, searching place to sit I immediately come to know you are the one ' God he talks so much ( I thought but didn't not even once I showed that's i am hell bored by his talks.. this was one of my golden rules) a grin was on my face.
' Why yet the teacher is not here it's 8:20 ( telling him the time I tried to analyse him how much he talks) a little try of mine to stop him.
' Oh I forgot telling you the class will be starting at 8:40 ' He replied and then he bend down and brought out a note book and started writing.

Thinking something he looked up straight in my eyes and asked..

' Hey should I ask one thing ' huh! ( what can be the question! ..i thought )
' Why you were coming to me and then you turned away? ' He asked.
' Just like that my mummy told me to find the dumbest guy or girl in the class and to get settled with him or her so when I entered in class I thought you are the one . So I was coming towards you, then saw a girl with you so thought she must be your partner thats sit'

Anderio's mouth was wide open,how could a small town girl like her rejects him, him the football captain, one of the most handsome guy of this school how she can.. But she did and worst of all she was not paying attention on what she just said. She was now busy in her books.. Some romantic girlish novel !

To Be Continued..


P.S( Comments and suggestions are welcome.. common um waiting for them)

P.S( I am working on structure of scentences Thank you Asbah!)

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Prologue ( Alpi & Andi)

Sunday, March 29, 2009 5

I am about to start a new series titled differently though focused on two characters named as "Alpi" & "Andi" .. I hope you all will enjoy and encourage me as I will be needing it for continuation of this series..

Your suggestion and participation through your comments are really very important for me.. Do read and do comment.. please..

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Jurm~ (Crime)

Saturday, March 28, 2009 10


We all have different definitions of different things as it is said;

Negativity or positivity of a thing is dependant on people to people.

Crime is what ? We all know but with different definations and we all have different variations like;

Crime fiction is the genre of fiction that deals with crimes, their detection, criminals and their motives. It is usually distinguished from mainstream fiction and other genres such as science fiction or historical fiction, but boundaries can be, and indeed are, blurred. ...

An act punishable by law; usually considered an evil act; "a long record of crimes"

But above all these definitions it's we who are the bogus of all.. We decide different things have different priorities For us and for others. We see things differently for us and differently for others. I am the one seeing the biggest crime done by each of us, each day each night. We want best for us, but want worst for others. Why we do that for this too we have different justification for our each act. But why its not for me? When it comes to me I am forbidden, because of silly society nobs. Now I want rid off all this as time is passing I am feeling violent and exhausted about it. I want permission for all crimes I want to do;

Ik Darkhuwast!

Zindagi k jitnay bhi darwazay hain,
Mujh par band hain,
Daikhna! or hadd e nazar se barh kar daikhna bhi jurm hai,
Sochna! apnay yaqeeno'n se nikal kar sochna bhi jurm hai,
Asman dar asman israr ki par main hatta kar jhankna bhi jurm hai,
Kiun? Bhi kehna jurm hai,
Kaise? Bhi kehna jurm hai,
Sans lenay ki azadi mayasar hai magar,
Zinda rehnay k liye kuch aur bhi darkar hai,
Aur is kuch or ka zikr bhi jurm hai,
Zindagi k naam par bas ik inayat chahiye,
Mujhe in jaraim ki ijazat chahiye,
Mujhe in saray jaraim ki ijazat chahiye!
- By Ahmed Nadeem Qasmi
If to desire, to break free, to hope, to wish is a crime, den I am a criminal! (Thnks mav for these lines) I am the proud one then! A proud Criminal!
P.S(I am sorry for the errors, but I just wrote what i felt)

Friday, March 27, 2009


Friday, March 27, 2009 6

Each night I dream.. but as I wake up .. I miss that dream each day. I spend the day with dreams in my open wide eyes.. this game.. I want it to be finished.. because I am getting tired.. this hide and seek I cant take it anymore... Why this dream isn't coming true and if its never going to come true why I am dreaming then...?

P.S( ever thought about this game? No yet? Try now! )

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Our little Champ!

Thursday, March 26, 2009 10

I met him on 4Th July 2008 around 4 when his father brought to make him introduce us. Age of 2 and half the kid himself was damn out spoken, confident and stubborn. We all came to know this in just couple of minutes only. ARIB is his name, and a lovely and fun loving child he is. At first it was difficult to cope with him but later he became familiar. Man! he was so fun. I miss him more then anyone I do. Although he look much older then of his actual age all because of his built.

Late on we went to Muzzafarnagar (situated in U.P India) to his place and there we got to know what ARIB was. A kid of 2 feet's approx. putting hands on his waist watching you coming from front door with suitcases raising his 1 st finger asking you " Yahan kiunaye? " ( It was hilarious ). He used to act as if he is off same age and for that he use to call all of us with our names off course not my amaa ( she is his aunt na or I may say "phopho" ). He use to choice his clothes on his own (just like me), he hated if you try to take him as a kid as he doesn't :D. He always was failed to say Muzzafarnagar in one take (me & samreen baji use to hear this name a lot from his tongue) he use to pronounce Muzzafar well even Nagar well when they were apartly pronounced but in one take he use to say "Muzadanagar" instead of Muzafarnagar. Obviously he was young for such twisting word but listening this was fun :D .

See the picture above! It was his style of showing power (he used to call this 'takkat'). In last days of our visit he came very close to me though he used to call me with my name we became friends.. I loved when he used to say "mama gaudi nini kara do". This he use to say when he wanted to sleep, and he always wanted to sleep where I was sitting making me leaving that place he use to enjoy. It was mirth having him around. And how could I forget the way he used to say Good-bye while going to school (in play off course). Waking all of us at 7:30 saying everyone a goodbye I remember one day my mum was sleeping with sheet on her face, he went closer removed the sheet and said;
"Acha Phophi-jan main jaraha Khuda-Hafiz" :D
P.S(I was missing him a lot so thought why not making this missing worth reading.. hope you will like it)
P.S.S( :) )

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

My Darling Witch!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009 7

I met her down the hall side of the famous mall.. She was dressed in pink top and baby pink pant, as beautiful as she always looked holding my breath for a long time. My friend shaked me and broke her magic which took me away from this world, I was unable to see anything but her, i couldn't smell anything but smell of her, she fortifies me . I gave him a bad look as he messed everything. We both passed each other me lowering my eyes watching white beautiful feets passing away, Ahh she was definitely a witch I know. My friend took me to the new cafe which was opened few days back, I saw her here as well something was either wrong with my vision or it was a coincidence. My hands trembled as i gave my order. She was sitting in the left row this means right in front of me, though i tried not to look her but i cant help gazing her. They say girls have a 7Th sense as well which notices every sight, then why she cant? Or she was showing that she isn't noticing. Whatever the reality was I was fallen love with her the more I see, the deeper i fell. After paying bill as we left i turned to look her once before I leave but she was no where the table was empty and there I listen a voice..
' Excuse me! ' There she was so closed to me. Fortifying me again I wanted to hold her tight but then only my friend whispered
' You are in her way ! WAKE UP ' I with opened mouth gave her space, she smiled while passing ( uff God she is beautiful).
' Thank you! ' I felt as if she was reading my mind she was thanking me because I complimented her but how come she knew it? She knew magic?
With empty head I walked towards the cinema watching my friends with moving lips but I was hearing nothing. Settling down in our seats I looked around ( Guess what? she was sitting next to empty seat I left for my friend, who was almost hanging on gallery. I quickly changed my seat left mine for him, grabbing his, showing my famous indifference nature. It was a damn horror movie ;) and you know the good part was? each time they showed a full-blood scene she hold my hand for comfort. Till the time we came out of cinema we were good friends..

I closed the diary as I heard the sound of slamming doors and she was here. She came closed to me I hold her tight, moving my hands slowly on her back.
' I missed you! ' she whispered
I moved apart gazing her lips and then kissing her with craze. I deepen the kiss, my hand holding her from waist. After several minutes when we broke apart we hugged each other and i whispered in her ear
' My darling witch '


Monday, March 23, 2009

10 Reasons why people avoid reading my blog!

Monday, March 23, 2009 11

10 Reasons Why People Avoid Reading My Blog!

  • It ruins the mind

  • It takes a lot of time

  • Banda has to induce a full concentration and even then after a lot of time a bit of piece is there in mind..

  • The writer wants comments with in minutes she has posted

  • Before reading reader has to prepare himself for the big deal and after reading......... the disaster remains mystery

  • You have to be 200% emotional or else............ please!.......... don't read!

  • If you did not like the content, hold on! "NO bakwas comments"

  • It is compulsory to comment GOOD on every post

  • Attend urdu classes before reading.

  • CAUTION:Even if you are flattering up in the sky, after reading you will curse yourself. So make your mood!


"WRong is what?" OR "What is wrong?"

I am always feared with my creativity, I don't know why I feel so. As time is passing I am feeling the power in me is getting stronger and vibrant. I am feared by these thoughts..they push me to revolt against my parents, society and people close to me. I don't want to be named as "selfish" or "self-centred" but neither wants to be a "self-less" person. I don't know what I want, that's what I feel but sometimes I feel I know what I want but its just that I don't know how to get it. Life is too short for anything, No? that's the only reason I don't want to disgrace my family. I don't want to hurt them I want them to be happy but at the end of the day they are not. I feel I am alone at the same time I feel I have too many of them that's why I mishandled them like always. I want to be like everyone, want to treat everyone finely but I don't know why I can't. I am failed to distinguish between "what is wrong" and "wrong is what"! Although I want to know.. I wish..

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