Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Child name 'LOVE'

Tuesday, June 18, 2013 6
Everyone has a child name 'LOVE' atleast once in their lives. Some people are lucky enough to have it twice but not all of us. Child name 'Love' is gift from heaven indeed. When you first have child name 'love' it drives you like crazy. Never let you sleep, never let your attention divert not even for a moment. Disturbs your routine, your moods, your ambitions, your relationships, your habbits, your likes and dislikes and last but not the least it changes you, as if turns you upside down. You get happy, angry, sad, possesive, excited, thrilled, nervous, confident, empty and complete, all of a sudden. Unfortunately the child name 'love' grows like every other child in this world. This is where things start getting depressing. You lack the bonding, that thrill, affection and you start losing child name 'love'. At first you are happy like all other parents that your child is growing but as time passes you eventually realize the affection, the tenderness it holds in your life is same but the child name 'LOVE' is growing, getting away slowly and unconciously. You happy that the child name 'LOVE' is growing up but you are sad, sad like every teenage's mother who loves her child the same since he was tiny little fellow who knew the 'crying method' to seek attention of his mother who knew what he needs. Teenager who now feels bigger, stronger and intelligent enough to think for his own good and dislikes interference. Every parent seems helpless in this case so do the mother of child name 'LOVE'. She fights with paa (father of the child name 'Love'), objects him, does all those naggings that insures paa to shattered their family and find another lady for himself and the child called 'Love'. Fear of losing the child name 'LOVE' drives sometimes us to murder our own child name 'Love'. Fear of nothing but future and consequential loss, we kill our child love. Child name 'love's career n future, all the ifs and buts associated with the child name 'love's future and fear of being let down by child aggravates the situation. And finaly no one get to know what fears and expectations induced parent to kill their very own child name 'LOVE'

     .                                    Stop killing child name 'Love'

P.S ( Love is not about specific gender its all about specific feeling. Let your feeling live. Let yourself have the child name LOVE forever)
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