Thursday, July 25, 2013

The Little Warrior !!

Thursday, July 25, 2013 6
I am someone who always wanted to protect people from pain and agony. Who is always pushed away from loved ones just like in a fire place, fire brigade staff is pushed away, the sufferers fail to understand they are just helping and saving what is left. The sufferers on the other hand are appositive and are determined to save what is now burn and cause more damage. I am someone who holds sufferer, pulls back and gets a scold, sometimes cries and mostly screams. I just want to let them know what is burn is never undo but we can save what is left. Why risking now for yesterdays pain? Why risking your future for your past. I may sound young, amateur and inexperienced but down the lane my past is full of burning memories. Agony of broken relationships, trust and faith. I just want rest of you to be safe and sure of what is burnt can never be back. All we have is now and here. Each time I fail and I negotiate with my heart not to tell any of them, not to save them. Each time I fail, as watching your family burn because of their past is not easy. I tend to keep myself quiet, promising myself not to shout, not to save but I end up trying. Eventually burning myself with pain of mistrust as they react like every survivor does. I protect my people because I was left in middle of sea by the best divers of life so I could learn swimming on my own and help those who needs. I want to protect because I know the pain of sinking down, I try to save because I know how it is like burning ... Alone!
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