Monday, March 3, 2014


Monday, March 3, 2014 0

And winters are finally in a good-bye mode. Another season, another year and the same little brat ‘ME’. Still fighting with all I have inside me as I read somewhere ‘Monsters live inside us’, couldn’t agree more. Its nothing compare to what it was or what it should have been nor it will be in future. Life is odd and we are the most odd creatures. We love those who always reject us, disappoint us, for-granting us. Ignoring those who always have supported us, loved us and helped us in being what we are today. Its been a whole since I sat down and wrote my heart. I do get these writers block mode but this time the broken relationships, friendships, in’s and out’s were difficult for me as a savior even. I am known as a fighter and I believe I am one of those who fight till the last second but at times a fighter gives up while reaching for final second. I have been doing a lot just not writing.

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