Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A Note For My-selF!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009 4

Today I have so much to say.. But finding hard to fill words with my emotions, feeling as if my emotions tap if once got opened , the bottles called ' Words ' wont be having much space to have them but still I want to talk , I want to share every single day of mine every single feeling, every single moment of my life.
It tough for me yes it is. This way of life I never seen neither I lived but now I have to live and have to make decisions on my own though in past even I loved to make my own decisions. I never liked anybody else making arrangements for me or taking advantage of my unwilling nature. No matter what I felt in my heart I always stayed quite, clam and strong in front of others. And for that I AM PROUD OF MYSELF.

Saturday, June 20, 2009


Saturday, June 20, 2009 4

He left her three days back , but couldn't bear distance so he, today was back. He knocked the door but nobody answered so he used her keys to unlock the door. A mess was waiting for him as he entered he saw cloths, frames, pens and everything on floor. Picking up everything that came between his way he finally reached their master room. He knocked but again no answer so he checked the lock and opened the door. The room was empty but back door was opened and there he saw his girl sitting. He went in the room and touched her from back and then his eyes saw the worst thing of his life, his girl's body touched the floor. He hold her hand but her body was cold, as cold as ice. His face turned pale, tears rolled down and he said;

' So Honey your wait has comes to an end '


P.S( an awful attempt)

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Sculpting - Towards Success ~

Tuesday, June 16, 2009 14
Sculpting - Towards Success ~

It was Monday 14Th June '09 , at 12:00 p.m luckily I woke a little early then usual ( my class starts at 1:00 p.m ). With loads of ease and relaxant in my every act I left bed and focused my eyes on television. At 12:30 I started my break fast and at 12:45 p.m I hurriedly left my home for my class. At 1:10 I reach there and I got hooked as entrance room was opened but the main room was locked and there was no sign of Sir. Saleem. I passed the stair cases from 3rd floor to ground and ask the receptionist where Sir. Saleem was, as on 2Nd floor nobody knew where he was. God ! Receptionist told me to wait there only. This time I avoided stair case and choose the lift after all lifts are to be used. No? After few minutes Bisma ( my only colleague ) came and guess what? she had keys. We speedily place our things and rushed to make clay ready for modeling. There came our teacher with a good news that clay is just to be soften we don't need it to make more harder. Sir Saleem told us to make a slap of 6x6 and of 1 cm ( a cube again ). After 1.5 hrs it was of this shape.

After this Sir. Saleem told us not to get worried about the perfect shape. We will make it perfect with a scrubber and a scale. But before that we need to make the clay a little softer to avoid scratches and all. We sprayed water with help of spraying bottle and it was like this;

I shaped my slap with a scale and a scrubber firstly from the sides then by the surface. And it turned out like this;

And like this;

Our next step was to draw leaves on the slap with help of pencil first then by pointing tools. I choose to make two leaves over lapping one another. And for that Sir Saleem explained me how to make such. According to him, we need to make the bottom leaf first and then to make the top one avoiding tools as modeling will be done only. So I draw something like this with pencil first;

Then I choose a surgical tool placed on a left corner of the rooms and started shaping my leaves which turned out like this;

After making the outer shape I started making the centre line and decided to make the inner side of the leaf on the bottom one.

While on the other hand I chose upper one to be outer side and a crumpled shape at the end with a little turn showing inner side and with that we had to pack up as it was 3:30 p.m ( 30 minutes above our class ). So we sprayed water placed a wet cloth and a plastic sheet ( thick one exclusive for this clay work only ) and with that all three of us ( me , Bisma , Sir Saleem ) left the room.

Today at 11:50 p.m ( how early I wake up hehehe ). I left home at 12:45 p.m again :( awful of me and reach there at 1:12 p.m. Bisma was already there making her second leaf while I was left with both. She came before me I guess 45 minutes before and I had to complete the task with in my time. So i took of the plastic sheet and the cloth and sprayed the clay and my slap with water for clay to be soften;

I with coils of clay, made the bottom leaf's border and it was something like this;

I made the bottom leaf with a little depth in the middle so the detailing can work well and it was like this;

We make coils like this placing little quantity between the surface and our palm and move it a little and it splurge like this;




And finally it turned out something to be like this.. Ahh.. After two days of hard work and patience this was the resultant ;

Here are different poses of my first project. I am so very happy for this. Cant even express how happy I am;


(I am so very happy after making my first project will be working on POT making again with modeling only. Keep on waiting..)

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Sculpting - EncOuragement!

Thursday, June 11, 2009 7

Sculpting - EncOuragement!

Wednesday morning at 12:28 p.m I woke up.. Definitely was late for class ahh this sleep ( I am sleepy girl nah? I know I know ) I took a rickshaw and left for institute. There as I reach I hurried off for the office to take away my institute card / pass card ( its necessary, as a guard checks it ). Unfortunately receptionist took a little longer then usual. Finally at 1:20 p.m I was in my class, Sir. Saleem was not there, my luck I guess. I quickly rushed towards the floor side to get ready with clay before my teacher arrives. By the time I made my clay ready he was there. Tough my teacher is not at all strict or something but still timing do matters as this thing do consume alot of time. So when I was done I took my clay along me, took a stool from another room and was ready for a module making of a sphere by clay. After 45 minutes of hard work still it was nowhere, not even close to what I was hoping. Phew! After 100 minutes ( just imagine ) this was ( look done picture no. 1 ) was the result. Though left side was not at all round shaped but it was heading towards what I want ;

After making this my back was badly paining as we have to work in a standing position and have to move round and round to make a perfect sphere. OK OK I know you could obviously observe bottom right side could have been better but I am not perfect and if I would have done that this could make it worse because of weight that clay has of itself.

OK ! This is a distant view as I tried to cover the backside even, so my friends can have a little view in what kind of place their doll ;) is working ( sympathies please ! now mav. don't say it doesn't matter where you work .. blah blah when I say sympathies that means sympathies me PLEASE ) :D

And this is a much closer view so you can observe sphere like I did hehehehe;

Last but not the least this is a 3-D view ( if I am not being wrong ) Ahh it was fun..

Next time that is on Monday we will be working on slap of clay.. Keep on waiting...



Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Sculpting - Fasten The Seat Belt..

Wednesday, June 10, 2009 6
Scultping - Fasten The Seat Belt..

Ahh ! Today was my first practical class of Sculpturing :) yeah! It was fun absolute fun. Thanks to Mr. Saleem ( my sculpting teacher ) , he do have faith in me and so I have. I made a cube today with help of clay ( coils of clay actually ) man believe me its tough ahhh! Its took me too long may be because it was my first day but I will learn with time.. definitely..

Wanna have a view? Take a look;

Phew! It was tough then I thought.. and you know what I made it a little larger when finishing hehehe God, Sir. Saleem was horrified as I made the mistakes then he fobidden me of..

Got a view damn! I was bashed.. I shouldn't have done this but then, we learn from our mistakes only no? :0 at least Sir. Saleem says so..

Will this is a distant view of it. A number of coils of clay lined up ahh it was missive.

Ahem ahem a closer view can you see the curve on lest side.. What a cube..

Last but not the least this is an up view of a cube much better then all but I think images no 1, 3 are better too.. What you say? Tomorrow is a sphere making class will post what I will be doing.. till then ChaO's


Sunday, June 7, 2009

ThanK yOu~

Sunday, June 7, 2009 1

Thank you guys for missing me, getting worried for me. I was away for a week because of some eye problem but now I am perfectly fine. And yeah offcourse ready to churn more.. :) Thank you for remembering me in prayers..

Monday, June 1, 2009

Falling Down ( I love it )

Monday, June 1, 2009 10

Phew... !! You know guys today I fall down for the third time.. wow na.. Well I kinda love this game . I love when I collapse down the ground and I get pain in my back woooohhh ah! I remember I was quite young when one of my doll fallen down and it was broken and I cried for like ages.. Funny no?

This time ( I meant the third one ) I was fallen because of trembling feet's of mine Thanks to them I collapse down the ground without any support and secretly I looked around hoping no one sees as they would laugh.. : but then I myself laughed loud as loud as I can...
:) I love when I collapse down the ground and then I leave myself lose and I keep on thinking how to fell down next time as I love this game. ( Don't.. don't b sarcastic : ) I love when I am uplifted by a helping hand that surely can come from unknown resource :) Half of the times this helping hand remains behind the curtain and I have to help myself but still I love the game as whenever I fell down and then I get up I feel extra energy with in. Energy , desperation , curiosity on much more higher level then it was before within me..

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