Saturday, May 29, 2010

Tears from UP-high!

Saturday, May 29, 2010



I saw him for the last time and I turned my back. I couldn’t managed to go to him and say good-bye, so I decided to leave school with out meeting him. It was hard I looked up the sky where my best friend lived, somewhere near by the most shining star or beside moon resting in peace. I am sure my best-friend is stranger to sun else my best-friends sweetness would have decreased the intensity of heat of sun. I avoid shedding tears especially in open areas, from where my best-friend could catch me. I started walking, slow and unsteady with a broken smile and watery eyes. I watched my colleagues, my class mates walking pass by me. Hands in hands, smile in eyes and promises on lips. I left the gateway and started walking towards pathway from where I used to go back home. I go back home from that way avoiding roadway because of the peace and feeling of being lost. As I walked towards the jungle side I felt myself accompany by footsteps. I without taking noticed  continued my walk as I am used to of it now. Whenever I am here I feel him with me. May be because he is more in me  then I am in me. All of a sudden my forth and the last finger was touched by someone. The feeling was strong but I avoided because of the dejection I may see .

‘ So you wont even give me a glimpse ’ I heard a voice that I use to hear every night in my dreams.. And I had to look my left-side, my hand was guarded by his hand and he was looking straight.
‘ What you are doing here? With my question he stopped and came opposite to me
‘ Something that I should have done long time back… So I thought we were good friends you even didn’t bother to stop by and say a good-bye to me ’ He said with a disappointment in his tone.
‘ I… ’ Tears rolled down my eyes and I bit my lower lip.

‘ Ok! see you tomorrow on dance party…’ He said in lower tone and he left. I didn't lift my head up, keeping it down I continued my walk. I as drown in my thoughts when I was hold and was kissed. I closed my eyes with a fear but those soft lips made me open eyes and when I open I saw him holding me. When he put me apart he whispered

‘ I LOVE YOU ! ’ before I could say anything else I felt something on my face.. drop of rain.. clouds were crying like me but this time the tears were of happiness…

- Unhinged..

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likd fact loved it! beautiful enactment of a scene heavy wid emotions!


Thank you so very much .. I missed your comments.. I really did.. :)


beautiful writing..



Bows.. thank you for visiting..


Enjoyed the flow of words and virtual rain :)


what's nice is that...after all the pains, come tears of happiness...:)

good story....:)

see you at Thursday Tales again next week...:)

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